Updated : mrt 15, 2018 in Computers / Shopping

FIFA 18 Will Not Reduce the Average of Any Player in Ultimate Team

FIFA 18 has managed to continue guaranteeing the success of recent years for EA. The soccer simulator is still the big favorite for the average sports fan and it shows up week after week in its sales results. Soon it was expected that this would receive multiple changes in the valuations of certain players. However, a few moments ago it was possible to discover that this will not happen.

As they have known from Dream Team, EA Sports will not reduce the average of any of their players present in Ultimate Team. This means that although some of the sports professionals have been performing in recent months below the assessment shown by FIFA 18, the company ultimately opts to distance itself from a possible controversy by taking risks with the change in the average of the players.

EA avoiding the situation?

Apparently, since the exact motive behind this decision is unknown, EA could be trying to avoid discontent on the part of its public by lowering the rating of some of the available players. The impact of the movement, however, comes to be seen that although there will be no reduction in the average of the FIFA 18 players, they have made at this point the necessary increases for those who have played at a higher level than reflected in their assessment initial in FIFA 18.

Having heard the news about the final decision of EA, do you think they are doing the right thing or should they carry out necessary changes to reflect reality? Given that certain increases in the valuations of the players have already been provided, as we have highlighted, it would have been expected that the reductions would have done exactly the same. At least, in this way, no player in real life should suffer to see how their poor performance came to the eyes of everyone in the form of a card.
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