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Real Football Scene with FIFA Mobile Live Events

FIFA Mobile live events are daily activities with various goals. More than 20 events that grant coins, packs and special items are available.

FIFA Mobile is a football themed app that does a great job when it comes to keeping up with current football news and events. One particular feature that is designed to offer dynamic content is available to players. Live events are daily challenges that are inspired by what’s going on in real football. Players are encouraged to visit FIFA Mobile live events page on daily basis and complete as many as possible.

Throughout a day, players will be given unique activities. They might be repeated during the week but each day brings something fresh. For example, there is one FIFA Mobile live event in which players have to achieve a number of goals while a line of defenders is blocking the way. Another event in which players also have to score goals is the one where no defender can take control of the ball.

Live events are a popular FIFA Mobile feature because they can be completed pretty quickly and offer a good training opportunity. New players are encouraged to take part in events not just for the rewards but also to get familiar with game mechanics and controls. Rewards for completing live events include coins, XP, packs and items. Coins are used as in game currency. XP is needed to level up. Special items that grant access to more FIFA Mobile content are part of the prize list too. The live events selection is constantly expanded with new activities and challenges.

Developers are planning to keep FIFA Mobile a fresh experience for both beginners and seasoned players. There are more than 20 types of live events. Some are available all day while others can only be completed at specific hours or become unavailable after a while. Special live events that are part of seasonal events such as Football Freeze winter event can only be completed during certain dates. Coins reward ranges from 80 to 400 coins. Most events reward 15 XP and the first win comes with a pack.