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Keep leather looking good

When you own something thats made out of leather, you probably know how important it is to take good care of it. When you don’t, the leather will dry out and rip. There is no way of reparing the rips so it would be a real shame if this will ruin your piece. Not taking good care of leather can also cause it to rip, which will take away of the color of the leather. So if you own any leather shoes, jackets or other stuff you want to keep looking nice, you’re probably going to want to put some time and effort in taking care of your leather. This way you can enjoy your stuff for as long as possible.  

Some leather has to have more maintenance than others. This depends on a couple of things. Some kinds of leather will go bad sooner than others. Also the product you treat your leather with makes a big impact. When you paint your leather using angelus leather paint your leather will last longer than when you paint it with a cheap paint. You will of course have to maintain the leather still, but less frequently than with a cheap paint.  

Before painting your leather, you have to make sure the leather is completely clean. This is the first step of keeping your leather looking good. Cleaning it will make the leather dust and grease free and this will make sure every product you put overtop will stick very well. There a plenty of angelus paint uk products to help you achieve this.  

In winter when they put salt on the roads, your shoes can get some stains on them. Sometimes you can easily wipe those away with a towel and some water, but sometimes it can become a stain. Get some soap to get rid of those.